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IBNYC Photo Scavenger Hunt – Master List!

Independent.Bookstore.print.72dpiThe hunt is ON! You’ve got a week to accumulate as many points as you can. Refer to this post for all the rules of the photo challenge contest.

Here’s the master list of all the items up for grabs in the hunt – different point values can be acquired for each, as noted below. Just take a picture of yourself with as many of the following items at the  stores over the course of the week and submit your photos for a chance to win prizes!


at BABBO’S BOOKS (242 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn)
– the store cat, Holly (+10)
– oversize posters of Ezra Jack Keats’ Whistle for Willie and The Snowy Day (+3 each)

at BOOK THUG NATION (100 N3rd St btw Berry & Wythe, Brooklyn)
-a clothes iron (+5)
-a Bruce Lee Collage (+ 10)
-a series of books with titles such as “How to Identify Faults Without Changing them”, “How To Increase Worries”, “Phony Self-Improvement”, “Holding Grudges”, etc. (+3 each)

at GREENLIGHT BOOKSTORE (686 Fulton Street, Brooklyn)
-Candlewick Bear (+10)
-Inside Maisy’s playhouse with the Candlewick Bear (+15)
-Your name on a Greenlight receipt (+20)

at POWERHOUSE ARENA (37 Main St, Brooklyn)
-who built the Arena steps in The powerHouse Arena? (+5)
-the current exhibition in The powerHouse Arena is based on which photography book? (+5)
-What is the name of Japanese company that currently has a pop-up store in The powerHouse Arena? (+5)

at VOX POP CAFÉ (1022 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn)
-the Vox Pop Statue of Liberty (+10)

at WORD (126 Franklin St, Brooklyn)
-a typewriter (of which there are three) (+3 each)
-a rocking chair (+5)


at BANK STREET BOOKSTORE (Broadway and 112th St)
– The Cat in the Hat and friends “hanging” around (+10)
– “a menagerie for the hand” (+10)

at BONNIE SLOTNICK COOKBOOKS (163 West Tenth Street)
-a 1922 gas range (+10)

at BOOK CULTURE on 112th St (536 West 112th Street)
-Muslim women praying at dawn (+5)
-a vase of yellow flowers (+5)
-a picture of a burned-out library (+10)

at BOOK CULTURE ON BROADWAY (2915 Broadway at 114th St.)
-lavender (+10)
-a black cat (+10)

at EAST WEST LIVING (78 Fifth Avenue @ 14th Street)
-a large bronze Ganesh statue (+15)

at HOUSING WORKS BOOK CAFÉ (126 Crosby St, between Jersey St & Prince St)
-William Faulkner’s signature (+15)

at LOGOS BOOKSTORE (1575 York Ave)
– card mobiles featuring a: butterfly, cardinal, eagle, mallard duck, bear, light brown dog,  ruby throated hummingbird, brook trout, green fish, flamingo, white and brown spotted dog, black dog (3+ each)
-Great Philosopher Finger Puppets (+10)

at MCNALLY JACKSON (52 Prince St)
-15-gauge knitting needles (+10)
-the land bridge between Oceania and Canada (+5)
-a porcelain bird with a broken tail (+15 – bonus 5 points if you learn its provenance)
-“A donkey so terrifying, it could only be meant for children” (+20)

at PARTNERS & CRIME (44 Greenwich Ave, corner of Charles)
– the Partners & Crime logo painting (+5)
– a trick fireplace (+10)

at the STRAND (828 Broadway at 12th St.)
– a poster featuring Art Spiegelman’s Maus (+5)
– a gold Vault (+10)
– a hidden stairway (+15)

at URBAN CENTER BOOKS (457 Madison Ave)
-digital bookshelves (+5)
-the giant head of Jane Jacobs (+5)
-a map of Antarctica (+10)
-a bald Eagle (+15)

Bonus points you can accumulate from any store:

A picture of yourself…

-With a signed copy of Jonathan Lethem’s Chronic City (+10 – we’ll need to see the signature page)

-Playing with the Miniature Book of Miniature Golf (+ 10)

-Reading aloud from The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge (+5)


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November 15, 2009 at 8:00 am

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