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ib-logoHere’s a summary of this month’s Indiebound Spotlights – Booksellers at these eight indie bookstores around Manhattan and Brooklyn have each provided a handy list of favorite independent businesses located near their bookshops. Next time you head out to buy books, consider visiting some of these other great local businesses.

Be sure to click on each bookstore name to see the full list:


BookCourt: check out jewlery at NCH Studio, clothes at Rapisarda and the grocery goldmine at Sahadi’s.

Freebird Books: enjoy the relaxed vibe at Alma and Sugar Lounge and visit galleries like Brooklyn Collective.

Powerhouse Arena: check out the music at Halcyon and the food at Foragers Market.

WORD: grab some donuts at Peter Pan, vinyl at Permanent Records and beer at The Diamond.


Book Culture: visit the Hungarian Coffee Shop, Roti Roll and Absolute bagels too.

McNally Jackson: pick up a bottle at Wine Therapy and grab a good meal at The Kitchen Club.

St. Mark’s Bookshop: have a pastry at Veniero’s, coffee at Veselka and get a tattoo at the Ink Shop!

Three Lives & Co.: try some coffee at Jack’s, cupcakes at Tonnies and chocolate at Li-Lac.

Thanks for your support of indie bookstores and the other great independent shops in their neighborhoods!


Written by ibnyc

May 20, 2009 at 1:19 pm

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