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Indiebound Spotlight: WORD

Throughout May, we’ll spotlight different NYC indie bookstores on our blog. IBNYC booksellers will tell us about some favorite independent businesses located near their shops, so when you’re out browsing at the bookstores, you’ll have info on other Indiebound businesses to visit nearby. This is a guide for shoppers and a resource for booksellers from around the world who will be visiting NYC this month for Book Expo America.


Today’s Indiebound Spotlight is WORD, an independent bookstore located on the corner of Franklin and Milton Streets in the historic district of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. WORD features a wide variety of new books: literary fiction, non-fiction, gift books and kids’ books. They also carry a large selection of stationery, boxed notecards and journals. WORD has a robust events schedule, provides personal service and places special orders twice a week, and has a new summer basketball league for book lovers!

The ladies that lead WORD pulled together a lengthy list of Greenpoint indie businesses that they love:

From WORD owner Christine:

Permanent Records: New and used cds and vinyl, a classic record shop that makes you want to browse forever.

Greenpoint Coffee House: Relaxed vibe, great food, our neighborhood “Cheers” spot.

The Habitat: Great bar with awesome Happy Hour mac’n’cheese!

Greenpoint Toys: Family-run business, toys for all ages, super helpful staff.

From WORD manager Stephanie: (who you can find on Indiebound at bookavore.)

The Diamond: This bar has great beer, a great bartender (who didn’t mind me reading at the bar), and nice happy hour specials during the week. Oh, and a delicious vegetable pie named after Bea Arthur.

Peter Pan Donuts: Best donuts in the world, period. They always have some fantastically decorated donuts for approaching holidays, but the old-fashioned is incredible too. Extra points for retro decorations and uniforms (even though I feel bad for the girls behind the counter for having to wear them).

Brooklyn Label: My favorite place for brunch at the moment, big fan of the tofu and potatoes (super vegetarian-friendly).

Amarin: For a Polish neighborhood, Greenpoint has a ridiculous number of Thai restaurants. This one is definitely the best–fresh ingredients, low prices, vegetarian-friendly, nice-sized portions.

Old Hollywood: The only thing wrong with this vintage store is that it’s not open enough hours. A great selection of vintage pieces in immaculate condition, along with lovely handmade jewelry, bags, etc. Some of the stuff is pricey, but there’s something for every budget.

Junk: Another great vintage store that just opened a branch in Greenpoint. Mostly furniture and decorations, but I also found some turn-of-the-century postcards that I’m in love with, and they have clothing, records, and old Life magazines as well.


Plenty of local choices, and local voices too! Steph also shared her two favorite Greenpoint blogs: New York Shitty and The World According to Bitchcakes.

Check out this Indiebound map to see all the independent businesses mentioned above. No excuses now… you’ve got everything needed to plan a tour of the neighborhood. Be sure to say hi when you stop by the bookstore!

Find all these independent businesses and IBNYC on Indiebound. Join today and add your favorite indie businesses!


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May 13, 2009 at 12:37 pm

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  1. Stephanie, my friend Sherry send me this link but I didn’t realize you had mentioned me till I read through it. I was delighted to see that you enjoy my blog! Thank you!


    May 14, 2009 at 10:33 pm

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