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Buy Indie Day

Have you heard that today has been declared International Buy Indie Day? We’ve been reading the buzz about it at Indiebound, and on Facebook and Twitter. And now the day has arrived! Thanks for whatever you can do today to spread the message, and support an indie bookstore with a purchase!

And for many of us, today may be about more than just one day’s worth of supporting an indie store. How about this, from Carol Fitzgerald of The Book Reporter, at The Huffington Post:

What if I looked at the places I really love to shop at and figured out a way to buy something from them in the next 30 days? I would not plunk down money wildly, but I want to take a serious look at the special places where I like the selection, personal service or the ambiance. And support them.

May I ask you to take a moment and do the same thing, especially with places like indie stores and small size companies that you love? Friday, May 1st has been identified as a Shop Indie Bookstore Day, and readers are encouraged to buy books from independent store owners. I’d love to see you support this effort. Click on to find the indie bookstore nearest you.

It’s not about crass materialism. It’s about supporting the places — and the people who run them — that you love. So they always will be there for you.

Lots of other folks are saying nice things too, we’re just short on time to link to them all. But be sure — indie bookstores around NYC and elsewhere thank you for the support, today and everyday.

PS: Reminder that tomorrow is The Millions NYC Indie Bookstore tour – keep the indie goodness going tomorrow with a visit to several IBNYC stores. Get all the details (included an update to the itinerary) here.


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May 1, 2009 at 1:40 pm

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