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Happy Holidays – Books Make Great Gifts!

1conerbookstoreHello friends of the Independent Booksellers of New York City,

Just a brief note of thanks for your support of our stores during this holiday season. The IBNYC greatly appreciates the efforts you make to shop local and support independent businesses.

Of course, if you still have gifts to get, we’d like to remind you to please consider buying books (and other goodies) from an independent bookstore, or other business, in the neighborhood where you live or work.

Check out our extensive Google map of area indie booksellers – there are over 90 around New York City!**

Did you know NYC has a bookstore devoted to Winston Churchill? Or that there is a bookstore inside the Carlyle Hotel?

Earlier this week, a colleague and I visited ten independent shops on Manhattan’s east side, including the two I mention. We took a walking tour of shops that carry both new, used and specialty inventories, beginning at Kitchen Arts & Letters (cookbooks galore!), and then making our way to midtown with stops at The Corner Bookstore, Crawford Doyle, Bookberries, Ursus (in the hotel), Archivia, Potterton, Argosy, Rizzoli, and Chartwell (all things Churchill). And that’s not even all the shops we could have visited along that route! We did not have time to hit J.N. Bartfield, Imperial Fine Books, Bauman Rare Books, Urban Center Books, Gotham City Comics…

The options for book buying in this city are diverse and deep. Please keep all the unique collections of NYC’s indie bookstores in mind as you shop this holiday season. Your support of independent businesses is deeply appreciated and valuable to all of us and our local economy all year long.

On behalf of the IBNYC board and all IBNYC affiliated stores, wishing you happy holidays!


Kelly Amabile
Facilitator, IBNYC

**PS: We plan to improve our map and website in the coming year to provide more detail about these stores, so you can easily tell what areas they specialize in.


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December 19, 2008 at 7:54 pm

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