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IBNYC and IndieBound

palm-pear_tree-backdoneEarlier this year, the American Booksellers Association launched Indiebound, an online community and nationwide initiative aimed at supporting independent bookstores and other indie businesses, to celebrate what makes them unique.
From their website:

It’s about reaching out, it’s about raising awareness, and it’s about taking pride in your community. It’s about what makes our hometowns more interesting.

The IBNYC wants to point out a couple of specific ways in which New York booklovers and booksellers can get involved with the Indiebound program:

For consumers: Create a personal profile and join the community! You can become a fan of your favorite NYC indie bookstores (and a fan of the IBNYC), you can become friends with other Indiebound users, and you can create your own wish lists for the holiday season. (You can become fans of independent businesses around the country too!)

For NYC booksellers and other indie business owners: Make sure your business is listed on the Indiebound website, and if it’s not there — add it, and then spread the word to others about this great online network of independently owned businesses. For stores that already have profiles, make sure your profile includes store photos, hours, etc. You can even make a sample wish list for your store, as an example to your fans of what books your shop is recommending this season.


With America Unchained Day right around the corner, we thought that now was a perfect time to mention this wonderful online community. Please remember – this week, and always: When you shop at an independently-owned business, your entire community benefits!

Learn more about the Indiebound program here.


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November 19, 2008 at 4:20 am

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